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What does a member do?

Members get involved in brainstorming and selecting, planning, organising, coordinating, marketing and executing events and activities. As a member you can take charge of events that you are most passionate about and get support from other members. So, if you are creative, like to organise and meet new people and see new places, then this is a great opportunity for you!

What's in it for you?

  • Meet new people.
  • Come up with ideas and realise them.
  • Refine your organisational and social skills, practice decision making.
  • Enjoy members-only social activities.
  • Have the possibility to run for a board position.

Your responsibilities:

  • Participate in event meetings (approx. 1-2 times per semester).
  • You are encouraged to lead or co-lead at least one event per semester.
  • You have to be organised, reliable and responsible during associated events.
  • Attend the biannual general assembly.
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About ITU Connect

ITU Connect is a non-profit, student-driven organisation that strives to create a welcoming, social environment for new as well as current students at ITU. We are providing additional means for students to connect with other ITU people outside of individual study programmes, based on mutual interests and through social activities. Activities can be both at ITU as well as outside ITU and may include barbecues, trips to a museum, film showings, city tours, board game nights, concerts, etc. Through our activities, we create fun ways for students to meet new friends and acquaintances among other students with whom they normally don’t interact with in everyday life at ITU.

Our overall mission is to improve the social and cultural atmosphere at ITU. Next to arranging a number of events each semester together with other student volunteers, we are encouraging students to come up with ideas and arrange their own events under ITU Connect’s brand.



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